Hello! I'm Hilda. Thanks so much for stopping by my website. 

I make all my ceramics from a small studio at the bottom of my garden. All my work is thrown on my potters wheel, hand-decorated and hand-glazed. I update my website every couple of months with small batches of work. If you'd like to be kept in the loop as to when these will be, you can sign up to my mailing list here.

To be able to make something that becomes a part of someone's daily life; be it the mug that you always reach for or a vase that has a permanent place on the shelf is a real honour for me.

The method of throwing clay on the potters wheel is a technique that has been much unchanged for the last few thousand years. I love the slow pace and simplicity of it. It's a welcome contrast to our modern, hectic lifestyles. It doesn't require an internet connection or fancy technology and it can't be hurried. I hope that the time it takes to create it and the care with which it has been made shines through when you purchase a piece from me.

All my work is made with high-fired stoneware and with glazes that are lead-free and food-safe.