How long does it take to make each piece?

Handmade pottery is a slow process! It takes a minimum of two weeks to create any one piece. First the clay is wedged to get it to the correct consistency, then thrown on the wheel. It's left to dry for a day or two then trimmed and a handle added if required. I also add slip decoration at this stage. It's then left a couple of days more until it's just the right consistency to be carved into if required. Then it needs to be left to dry completely before it has its first firing. This takes two days and is fired to 1000 degrees. When cooled the piece is sanded to remove any rough edges, then glazed, then fired again to 1240 degrees.

How can I find out when new products are available?

You can sign up to my mailing list. I will keep you in the loop regarding shop updates and the occasional competition and give-away. You can also follow along on Instagram to see new products and lots of work in progress.

Can I buy your work in any shops?

Yes! See my stockists page for details.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Please see my delivery page for details.